Amateur Boxing In BC

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The purpose of the (COMBSPORT) British Columbia Combative Sports Association will be to provide a structure to facilitate amateur participation in the sport of boxing using the Marquis of Queensbury Rules and the 20-point must scoring system. And the amateur participation in the sport known as Mixed Martial Arts.

The British Columbia Combative Sports Association will recognize the distinct difference between Olympic Style Boxing and Old Style Amateur Boxing. Old Style boxing will be defined as Boxing Voting Voting Members

4.1 Chartered Clubs will have 1 vote.

4.2 Affiliate members will have 1 vote per membership.

4.3 All members in good standing will have 1 vote.

OLD STYLE AMATEUR BOXING Juniors will use headgear. Headgear may be used by entry-level seniors if both sides agree. Article 6 Rounds

6.1 Entry Level and Mid Level bouts will be four two-minute rounds for all competitors at mid and entry levels. A Main event may be five two-minute rounds.

6.2 A special bout with three-minute rounds can be requested and approved if the boxers are qualified and both coaches request this.

6.3 Elite Level competitors may compete in bouts that are four three-minute rounds and may compete in a bout that has six two-minute rounds.

6.4 A special entry-level bout may be three two-minute rounds if requested and agreed on by all parties.

6.5 A BC Title fight can be 5-2 minute rounds or 6-2minute rounds.


BC Supper Middle Weight Tittle - Trilogy

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5 Ali vs Frasier 

Ward vs Gatti

Now Joseph vs MacDonald, these two fighters were made to compete against each other. The styles could not be more different, Joseph the headshotslick dancing counter puncher and MacDonald a classic styled relentless pursuer. The styles opposite as they are the hearts of the Boxers are identical. They are fight to the finish win or die trying competitors, in this way Danial and Shawn are brothers. On June 9th they will contest the third and final time the 154lb Junior Middle Weight Tittle of British Columbia. Each man has bested the other, each man has left the ring with the belt. Now its time to see who keeps it. The one sure winner in this contest is the fan. Heres to the Trilogy.4


Boxing B.C. are they coming or going .

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June 14, 2012
To all members of Boxing BC in good standing
Be advised that in accordance with Boxing BC bylaws section 14 (d) permission has been granted on the request of fifteen (15) individual voting members in good standing for a Special Meeting to be held at Pursuit Of Excellence Hockey Academy 3446 Spectrum Ave. Kelowna, BC V1V 2Z6 on Saturday day the 30th day of June, 2012 at 1:00 p.m. This meeting will be chaired by Mr. John Noonan Registered Parliamentarian at the request of the President.
The purpose of the meeting is to expel – revoke the membership of Garth Rizzuto from Boxing BC. Acting in accordance with section 8 of the Boxing BC Constitution and Bylaws as well as the B.C. Society Act, Mr. Rizzuto will be permitted to speak on his own behalf prior to a vote on the Special Resolution being taken. All members of Boxing BC in good standing are invited to attend this meeting.
The reasons given for expulsion include but are not limited to the following: That Garth Rizzuto has fomented conflict with fellow members and is avoided by other members of the association as a result of his confrontational, personal attack tactics and has made numerous inappropriate haranguing emails of recent to the point where the requisitioning members believe that his conduct and behavior has become incorrigible.
The requisitioning members believe that Mr. Rizzuto’s conduct has and will continue to cause irreparable harm and disharmony to the association and can no longer be tolerated.
Therefore, the requisitioning members believe it is in the best interest of the association that Garth Rizzuto be expelled from the association (Boxing BC).
Mickey Sims
Boxing BC

Combsport - Officials, Referees and Judges

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As a Director of the Interior Zone for CombSport one of the areas that I am most focus on developing is the recruitment of Officials, Referees and Judges as well as Member Clubs and Competitors for the Interior Zone. This directive also came from the Executive Board of CombSport. As a whole CombSport's goal is to develop the sport of Boxing in British Columbia.

I have begun forming a committee to work with me. The committee's task will be the recruitment of Judges, Referees, Member Clubs and Competitors.

I am actively seeking out volunteers for this committee. Geoff Lawrence co-owner and Head Coach of MadKatz Boxing has agreed to head-up this committee. Joing Geoff on the committee is a former open boxer and good friend Ryan Kehoe. Ryan brings a lot of experience in the sport of boxing as a competitor. Geoffand Ryan have worked together for many years and I am sure that they will make a effective dynamic team.

The committee requires additional people with a variety of skill sets: People knowledgeable about the sport of boxing, administration, organization, recruitment and sales in particular.

Please contact me to discuss how you can contribute to the committee and help develop the sport of boxing in British Columbia.

Just the heads up that MadKatz has three shows coming up in 2012. March 17th, June 16th and August 18th in Kelowna. So all you early planners put these dates on your calendar.

Elyna Surrao
MadKatz Boxing
Director, Interior Zone CombSport